Friday, July 25, 2008

Glass is half empty (it was full)

On a particularly beautiful and relaxing autumn afternoon, I was captivated by the reflections in my wine glass while kicking back on our verandah.... please kick back and enjoy also.


Ana said...

nice photo...It's heaps good!
miss you guys:)

Lars said...

Oh man, just read through your adventures! This is Lars (formerly from Mount Barker) younger brother of Jasmine. would have been quite a few years back now, but i thought i'd google 'jeremy anyetta' and sure enough, first on the list there you are.
If I had known you were coming to Italia we totally could have chilled, I've been living/studying in Treviso (about 30mins/2euro from Venezia since january this year!
I trust you enjoyed your time anyway, the coffee is always fantastic and hopefully you didn't miss out on a Spritz and lets not forget the gelati.

Well you seem to be loving life and enjoying some good wine on the back verandah looks like bliss, I have a balcony but i'm sure its nowhere as big :)

Lars Wannop