Friday, April 25, 2008

jjax - the sequel!

You may or may not have noticed our last blog crashed and burned (much like the imminent downfall of the dreaded dreamy doughnuts franchise, Alf and Aerosport) while we were trekking around Europe all thanks to a nasty virus contracted in a Firenze Hostel (no immunisation for those things, especially not for wide-eyed backpackers like ourselves). So we are back with a second attempt and hope to fill you in on our travels as well as all of the other adventures we are having day to day here in hometown Brisbane. Hope you enjoy the show and we look forward to hearing from ya'll out there.


!ElEkTrO!sAwRuS! said...

hey guys hope u r having fun! :)
rite now baby is caterwauling
it seems cute now!!
comment on my blog
cyaz ;)

!ElEkTrO!sAwRuS! said...

thanx 4 voting ill go with ur advice P.s. hope u r well
p.p.s. do u know how 2 embed youtube videos in a post??
anyways commenttt
luv AN!

!ElEkTrO!sAwRuS! said...

hey guys how r u?
i got plenty more stuff on yhan lasttime